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Home of the newest and best sunbed and tanning experience in Shepperton.

Em2 Tanning offers both lay down and stand up sunbeds with powerful 200 watt tanning machines. If you don’t fancy a sun bed, no problem, we also offer spray tans with fake bake, sienna and Lauren’s way.

Ergoline Sunbeds and Tanning Pricing

Our powerful Ergoline stand up and lay down sunbeds cost only £1 per minute!

Want to tan regularly? Get a sunbed course for our best pricing.

£25 30 minutes (89p min)
£50 65 minutes (76p min)
£70 100 minutes (70p min)

Spray tans cost between £20 and £25 and we also sell a range of sunbed creams for both men and women and instant tanning kits to take home.

£25  Sienna
£25  Fake Bake
£20  Simply Bronze

Special Offers

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Ergoline sunbeds Shepperton
Ergoline sunbeds